Shaking Flames in the Blowing Winds (A Response to leaveyouapens’ Burning Bridges)

She stood there
lighter in hand,
still hesitant if this was what she wanted,
or if it was what she thought she needed,
what society expected of her.

The world seemed to be in agreement
Burn him the way he burnt you

But she couldn’t.
Not yet anyway.

She still loved him.
Still cared.
Didn’t want to hurt him.

But the bridge needed to be burnt.
You’ll be better off
Just move on.
You don’t need this.

She told herself

But even she,
the master of words
teller of true tall tales
vixen with the silver tongue
couldn’t convince herself.

Burn the bridge
Leave yourself with memories
and nothing else.

Her hands shook
like the flame she held
uncertain of its fate
in the blowing wind.

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